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Secrets of Communicating in Good English


It is been said that English is one of the toughest language to learn but with the right training and practice, English could be learnt with ease. The general mistake that most of the people make is that they tend to focus more on the grammar part of English and they end up confusing themselves. Beginners give very less importance to conversational English and they give priority to correct their grammatical errors. There lies the very basic problem to the issue of speaking good English, people try to memorize the rules of speaking with correct grammar usage.

The most important point to be noted here is to try using more phrases and sentences rather than focusing on trying to learn the grammar part. It is not that grammar is not important, but that grammar is something that could be developed automatically if you know where and how to use words and sentences. That is possible only if one starts learning on phrases and mere learning would do no good. Reading and listening is not just enough you need to practice and use it in your daily life.

One major thing that has to be understood is that one need not have an extra ordinary brain power for learning a language. Remember the fact that each one of us are well versed in any one language and that is because we are exposed and around that particular language which could be in most of the cases our mother tongue. Any person could learn a language, so avoid such mental blocks. Learning English is not a mundane task like learning your other subjects. Consider learning English as a fun filled experience and things are going to change drastically.

The words and sentences that we use should not be literal translations of our mother-tongue. That is an area where non-native speakers make a mistake. This could result in misunderstanding and lack of clarity in the communication process. Make use of all kinds of resources that could help you with speaking good English. This could be probably conducted through an online research, reading books, watching English movies etc. But always keep in mind that the best way is to go around and talk with people who speak good English. Make use of all you have learned and thereby you will be proficient in the language. 

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