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Speak English with Genuine Accent


Speaking English with good accent is like the need of the hour in today's scenario. Accent is nothing but pronouncing words in a systematic and standard manner. The most widely accepted two types of accents are : British accent and American Accent. They are actually articulated and differentiated using different parts of mouth and facial expression. It involves a series of activities such as right stress patterns , voice modulations, intonations, rhythm etc.

Most of the non-native speakers might find it hard to follow the native speakers mainly because of their speed and the usage of words which are pronounced with a strong accent. Non-native speakers who are more familiarized with speaking with people who speak neutral accent find it really difficult to follow them. But all these limitations could be overcome with the help of strong determination and practice.

The first thing one should keep in mind is to eliminate all sorts of inhibitions that a non-native speaker tend to have while they speak in English. Remember that nobody is perfect and everybody learns from their mistakes. Many say listening to native speakers are the best way to learn the accent but more than listening observation should also be given equal importance. Speaking more with the native speakers is certainly the best way to improve on your language and accent.

Try finding out how each word is being pronounced, it is not necessary that each time you should go and find out from others how each word is being said. It could be easily understood these days with the help of online assistance. There are plenty of free sites online which provide you with a platform wherein the correct word pronunciation could be retrieved and understood easily. It would also be useful if you try repeatedly focusing on the conversations that comes in English movies. This will not only improve your accent but will also be helpful in understanding new phrases and sentences which will ultimately make the speakers proficient in the language.


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