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A group discussion refers to a set of persons brought together to express their opinion and to the subsequent exchange of views on the allocated subject. Group discussions are mainly carried as part of the recruitment process , brainstorming , as part of problem solving and decision making or probably to reach a consensus. But apart from all these group discussion is considered to be an effective tool in improving the communication skill in a particular language. Group discussions these days is a common activity conducted even in elementary classrooms.

These discussions will help in improving the speaking skills of an individual. It will also help in building the overall confidence of speaking English. Ability to think critically in English could be enhanced with the help of this technique. While participating in such kind of discussions it is not just that you are improving your speaking skills, but your listening skills also will develop a lot. Through this one will try to listen carefully and comprehend everything said by the other person who is also speaking in English.

This is a more interesting way of learning a language because the topics of your personal interest could be taken up for discussion. The only criteria is that the conversations should be in English. Once you start to talk in such groups hesitations of speaking in the language that most of the non-native speakers tend to have is reduced to a great extend. Others while listening to you could give good tips and suggestions to refine your language skills.  Group discussions will ultimately be helpful in overcoming public speaking fear and develop a great personality of the individual.

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