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The best way to teach English language


English Language Learning is a product of transmission, wherein the teachers transmits the knowledge and learners are recipients. In most of the schools, colleges or language learning institutes what happens is that - a teacher-centered modal is being followed. Where the teachers are active and continues to take hours of lectures about the language and students listen and try to absorb them. But the problem here is that the classes become monotonous and that does not provide good help to learning English Language. The students must be given ample amount of opportunities to practice and use the language effectively. The method by which the language is taught matters a lot.

The teachers should make sure that during the course of teaching the language a well defined and systematic curriculum is followed. More focus should be given to language usage in typical situations. Students must be allowed to interact with each other as well as the instructor freely without any fear, hesitation to speak the language must be eliminated.

The students must be encouraged to conduct self evaluated learning environment where the they are let to learn from their mistakes. The learning experience must be oriented towards taking care of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing activities. They must be assigned such learning practice materials. Yet another important factor is that the teachers who are taking the classes must be well trained. In most of the non-native speaking countries the faculties have got the influence of their mother tongue which is why even the students lack in speaking English with good accent. There should be adequate training given to the instructors before they teach the language.

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