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Technology enabled pronunciation instruction


Pronunciation is an integral part of communication. Poor pronunciation can fail to create a long lasting impression in the minds of the listeners. It can even result to comprehending the incorrectly which can distort the content of the communication. Pronunciation Learning is one of the most important and difficult part of language acquisition. Technology enabled pronunciation learning has received considerable amount of attention over the past few years. The ability to recognize the correct accent or pronunciations and provide meaningful feedback on pronunciation quality has been a major highlight of a technology enabled pronunciation instruction. The use of digital language lab has been a modern technology on this regard.


Making use of the lab and such related web-based technologies, aims to improve the learner pronunciation by exposing the students to rich native content and by raising awareness on how to use the right accent with good stress , voice modulations and intonations. The main emphasis is on the practice and production while fulfilling the core requirement which is the overall language learning.


The main principle of using technology in learning pronunciation is that it helps to tackle the problems related to self-consciousness that arises generally among the non-native speakers. With the help of the new advancements, the users can freely learn to pronounce a word with no fear that someone is looking to pick on them and mock at them for the incorrect pronunciations they make. The content to be included in technologies such as language lab should be arranged in a specific manner because it is from these content the students develop their accent. Thus, it could be said that learning with the help of technology is a great way to improve one's pronunciation.

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