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USING THE RIGHT KIND OF INTONATIONS - The essence of speaking English fluently


Correct intonation and stress are the essence of speaking English fluently. Both Intonation and stress are like music of the English language. Words when stressed accurately intends to give the correct meaning to the sentences. Once the students have learned the basic consonants andvowel sounds, they should move on to intonation and stress exercises. Exercises on that note will further help with pronunciation by focusing on the stressing content words rather than function words. English is considered a stressed language while many other languages are considered syllabic. It means that, in English, we give stress to certain words while other words are quickly spoken. In other languages, such as French or Italian, each syllable receives equal importance .

English speaking involves spending more time on specific stressed words while quickly gliding over the other, less important, words. This is an area where the students may feel uncertain and self-conscious about their pronunciation skills. A pronunciation problem may arise mainly because of the very basic way they were taught the language. The teachers who teach them the language may not be using the right kind of intonations and speed while speaking.

If one needs to understand what a native speaker says then it is very important to understand how to use the intonations .Record yourself and listen to it. Discuss the recording with your instructor and try to find areas that you are having difficulty with. Intonation is relatively easy to correct. One can fix their intonations with only a little effort. There are plenty of multimedia language software platforms that contains materials aiming towards improving the communication in English with high proficiency. Practice, practice, and practice again and thereby intonations can be understood in a more better way.


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