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Who are non-native speakers? Nonnative speakers are those who are not coming from English speaking backgrounds, who are not that proficient in Language. They are people who would mostly have inhibitions and hesitations when it comes to speaking English Language. Teachers should take adequate care while teaching such learners. It is not a strenuous task to develop one's communication skill in English. With the right kind of practice and training anyone can acquire it. The special focus should be given to the expression, sound, accents and pronunciation etc.


There are various kinds of enrichment programmes that are easily available for English learners these days. There are societies which help the learners to improve their speaking skills. When it comes to speaking in English, the four basic skills that one should develop are; LSRW, which is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The learning environment should not be just within the four walls of the classroom. A well defined model would certainly help the students to improve his proficiency in the language.


With the advancements in the technology, Analog Language Labs came into existence in order to help the learners of English Language. There were audio visual devices which helped a lot in understanding the accents and pronunciation. Further later to that came Digital Language Lab, which is a language learning software platform. This would help the students to speak clearly and pronounce words in a better way. Apart from that, the students would find it as a platform where they could speak without any sorts of inhibitions or hesitations. The teachers could provide the users with relevant materials that could help the students. The instructor could also provide the students with interesting multimedia materials which could get the attention of the students in a better way. Moreover, it even facilitates educator to evaluate the students in an easy-to-use interface. The main idea of having a Digital language lab is to create interactive digital English courses in a simple and intuitive way.

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