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Blending Science With Language Learning


It is definitely embarrassing to know that in the early days, students with low English language ability were treated at lower grades. The justification for this kind of separation is the widespread belief that these students may lag in their grasping ability when it comes to higher level of the syllabus. Different from the traditional mode of training, in the modern era teacher's prefer to integrate the language skills along with the science instruction. In this advanced concept of blending science with English, the instructors are forced to expect more from their students, however complemented the students to succeed in their academic area.  
Moving into the sensible link of science and language, we can obviously say that there are many skills in common for both of these. Observation, Prediction, Communication, Classification and Analysis are some of the process skills related to science, and that for language include collecting information, comparing the data, ordering the contents, synthesizing and evaluating the so collected data. These specified processes are definitely a key element for linking the science and the language understanding. For running these elements in the organized pace it is important to mold the students in certain usual areas. Some of the basic threads include motivating and making them to speak, conducting questionnaires sessions, learning fresh vocabulary, giving assignments for writing down their thoughts on a particular domain of study. The practice of integrating science with literacy therefore will contribute to understanding the science concepts and theories in a better way. Regarding the topic many researches have been conducted worldwide and arrived at the conclusion that, increasing the student participation in learning activities is better than mere lectures by the teachers for improving the language skill. The best remedy for implementing this concept in the full fledged way is to incorporate the language laboratory into the education system. This hi-tech learning technique is somewhat the best options to encourage learning through self evaluation thus reducing the interdependency, however promoting group works.   
An integrated approach within the classroom is most needed for bridging the gap between language and science effectively. As a part of integrating the language with the science, the teacher should make it sure that they carry LSWR that is Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading in the perfect combination without missing any of the domains. The concept of integrating these two subjects will definitely foster the thinking ability of the students in the technical area along with better language expression skills.

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