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Developing Linguistic Competence Through Use of Digital Language Lab


Linguistic Competence is defined as the knowledge possessed by native speakers of a particular language. This concept was coined by Noam Chomsky and he said that linguistic competence refers to a person who knows a particular language perfectly and is unaffected by grammatically irrelevant conditions as memory limitations, distractions, shifts of attention and interest and errors in applying his knowledge of the language in actual performance. This is a scientific explanation of the concept. And in simple terms this could be said as the ability of one to speak well without any mistakes or hesitations in a language. This article explains to as in how the use of Digital Language Lab can develop linguistic competence among the non-native speakers of a particular language.  
It is generally believed the best age to learn a language is between the age span of three to four years, this is the time at which when the kids develop the ability to decode the secrets of acquiring a language involuntarily. And this is the reason why most of us even way before we are taught to read and write, can speak efficiently in our mother tongue with minimal or almost no grammatical errors at all. But is taboo true? Does it mean a student or an adult can't unlock the mystery behind acquisition of linguistic skills. No, that's not true. Someone once said that learning a language is just like you learn to ride a bi-cycle, once you learn you will never forget but you would require constant and careful practice. Similarly language competence could be easily developed with enough and ample practice.   
A Digital Language Lab is expected to be one such innovative solution developed so as to facilitate the concept of linguistic competence. With the help of this language laboratory, one can easily practice and make themselves perfect in a language. This is a software platform which provides the users with a number of features that would in turn of great help to the users of all type. The best part of using a digital language learning solution is that the users can alter the pace at which he/she wants to learn the language. There are materials being provided with the language labs and the users could make use of. The Digital language lab could be used to develop all the four basic skills namely; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills. The users are being provided an option to view the contents in a multimedia format so that the users would find it more easy to memorize the lessons. The self evaluation technique that is being used with the help of a language lab itself helps a lot in improving the competence in the language.

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