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English Language Learning and Technology


Language labs are the success of every professional. If one wants to communicate, he or she has to speak their language. The English language has become essential for young people who looks for a good career anywhere in the world. English language learning has become a must for all students today.  
The lab plays an important role in the language learning process. It is a technology having a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language. The four basic principles for acquiring proficiency in any language are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing or(LSRW). Although these are intrinsically linked. This article attempts to highlight the significance of the language labs.  
Labs are specifically designed and modern form of teaching which helps people to learn English or any other language in the most effective and interactive manner. If you are a medium level English speaker then you can improve your skills in the best manner. If you want to succeed in speaking English, go for a language lab software.  
These are study rooms endowed with electronic sound-reproduction devices, enabling students to hear pronunciations of foreign languages and to record it and hear their own recorded voices. These software provide a master control system which permits a teacher to listen and correct students one by one. These laboratories are effective modes of language learning with maximum flexibility. Thus learning can be converted into a stimulating form of problem solving.  
Language labs have a number of exclusive features. These features include the following:  
- LSRW method of language learning  
- User friendly  
- Excellent student monitoring and evaluation  
- Modularity in design  
- Allow several students to talk and interact at the same time  
- Can record all these interventions  
- Can send different exercises to different groups of students  
- Can work with media  
- Opportunity to self evaluate the progress  
- Regardless of the size of the classroom the language lab can be integrated  
- Students can access and develop different types of classroom exercises easily and quickly  
- Language labs are cost effective  
Now language lab software are in high demand not only for students but also for working professionals. This user-friendly software allows them to have a live class teaching experience from anywhere in real time. It helps students to experience, record and merges their own voices and compare it. Everybody can enhance their English voice conversation by interaction and real-time discussion with the students. Hence, people can improve their comprehension and speaking skills.

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