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Importance of English Education in Schools


Language is nothing but a systematic means of communication by the use of words, symbols and sounds. In today's’ interconnected and globalized world, learning English language has been a very important factor. It is one of the most widely spoken languages. It is considered to be a common international language when it comes to field of education, business, trade and commerce. If one does not know to speak in English then he or she will surely fail to keep a pace of the progressive force of the world. Knowing English will certainly pave way to better employment opportunities in today’s competitive and changing world.   
Imparting proficiency in English language should begin right from the school level. As it is being said that English language is being accepted worldwide it is important for the students to master in this particular language. In a typical classroom especially in a non native country what happens is that the teacher take lectures of classes on the vocabulary, grammar, tenses and all such technicalities with their dull and dry drills. But at the end of the day when it comes to actually speaking the language for real, the students may fail to even utter a word. The crux of this problem lies under the fact that it is to be understood that English is not just a subject, it is a skill subject and should be learnt in a different way to master it. It is important that the teachers should make it to a point to enlighten the students mind with the right way of learning the language.  
The language could be better learnt only if the students learn it right from their elementary classes. It is only then a definite sequential pattern could be followed thereby which their communication skills could be improved. And that is why it is said that English language should be mandatorily taught right from the primary classes in school. A good foundation will certainly help the students to carve themselves into a person with better proficiency in the language which is the need of the hour today.  
It is very essential to lay a strong foundation as in most of the syllabus the lessons be it in any subjects they are being written in English language and henceforth it is important for the student to understand the lessons clearly. Similarly say for example if a student wants to go for higher studies in another country, again English is the only language that is worldly accepted as a common mode of communication.The general aim of teaching English in schools is to develop various abilities among the students like: Understanding what is heard, understanding what is read, expressing ideas in speech correctly and expressing them in writing as well. Once a student is able to excel in these abilities it could be understood that he or she will be in a state to communicate both efficiently and effectively.  
Good English learning in the school level will help in making the students competent in this era of globalization. It will certainly help to bridge the communication gap between people of various other countries and thereby bringing the whole world under one single roof. It is high time that innovative and new breakthrough strategies of improving the language learning method should be adopted by schools. Altogether it will help the students to speak English language just like any other native speakers.

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