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Language academics across the world regard themselves as educators as much as specialists in the teaching of verbal skills. The shifting stress in teaching within the last decades of the study of language as a discipline in itself and as an entry into the literature of other individuals towards a sensible talent in performance has brought several changes in methodology and materials. It has stirred an interest in the character of learning and emphasized the requirement for a far clearer image of the part talent in linguistic performance. Within the ancient approach, learning and teaching were not analyzed and no effort was created to boost teaching. Early developments in teaching ways were based on the requirement to arrange class teaching potency as attainable. Soon as a result of the influence of recent academic aims and theories of teaching and learning, newer ways were designed to foster the independence of scholars.

Effective language education stems from offering a variety of learning opportunities and tools. Modern teaching has many various objectives. These are determined by what the academic system needs, what the learner demands and what the teacher conceives to be his job. The teacher of these days is taken into account as a creator and manager of stimulating atmosphere. Instruction resulting in learning is in teams or personalized. personalized programs consist of learning experiences specifically designed for the individual interests and wishes. The availability of technology via tape recorders, slide projectors, overhead projectors, video tape recorders in addition, as drawings, pictures, and even chalk board makes it attainable for the language teacher to present language in additional forms than simply speech and print. One medium will be substituted for the other.

The language laboratory has been, and can be for years to come, at the forefront of the language acquisition crusade. The language lab professionals are faced with the intimidating task of getting to design and reconstruct such facilities to stay pace with ever evolving technologies. It involved a central source for several sets of headphones, the use of spaced pulses for student responses, and therefore the risk of individual recording and playback by students. There are many variables involved which help in the efficient working of the Language Laboratory. The character and quality of the recorded materials, the length and the frequency of laboratory periods, the presence or absence of a skillful teacher or 'monitor', the intangible, however powerful factor of motivation, and the degree to which the laboratory materials supplement. As several factors are involved, research has been unable to impart definite conclusions, although considerable analysis has been undertaken in recent years. There are greater advantages in using such language laboratories, because it offers the students, the chance to work by themselves on language drills, monitored by the teacher from time to time.

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