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Digital Language Lab - A Breakthrough English Language Learning Strategy


English Language Learning has been the need of the hour in today's most modern and technologically advanced world. Language Learning Strategies are being used world wide right from ancient times to improve the overall language learning skills of the people other than the native speakers. These strategies will improve the language skills and thereby will improve the overall communication skills. Learning strategies are defined by Oxford as “operations employed by the learner to aid the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information”. This definition is further expanded to include “specific actions taken by the learner to make learning easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self-directed, more effective, and more transferable to new situations”.

Experts have come up with various ways for enhancing English language learning. One such language learning strategy was the discovery of Digital Language Labs. Digital language lab is nothing but an interactive language learning software solution that is used to enhance the proficiency in the language. This is indeed a most modern and yet easy way of learning a language both efficiently and effectively. The Digital Language Lab includes a number of student consoles which is governed by a teacher console. With the help of this kind of set up teachers can assign lessons and can direct the students to speak a language correctly.

Generally, if the teachers are not from native speaking countries they will not be always familiar about the exact pronunciation and idioms and accents. It is then, where the digital language lab plays its vital role. With the help of this state of art unique software solution the students will get a clear cut idea on how to excel the language. The teachers could assign lessons that would improve the student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and thereby taking care of all the aspects of learning a language. The students could follow the lessons which could be of either video/audio/text format and can practice sessions on it. They will also be able to compare themselves and the teachers could evaluate the students more effectively.

The various technical aspects pertaining to a language as in the sentence structuring, voice modulation, word meanings and contexts, and speaking in correct accents could all be taken care of with the help of this particular software. The words and phrases are being taught in an arranged orderly manner.

As the world continues to shrink day by day the importance of speaking in English has been very essential. With the help of a full fledged digital language lab the students will be ultimately well versed in the language and at the end of the day it would help them in developing an environment where every single person will be having the confidence to speak in English Language without any hesitations.

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