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How Digital Language Labs Enhance Students Participation?


Well, let’s admit one most important thing to begin with- yes. We, as the new generation have this affinity, no, not affinity… more of an uncontrollable obsession towards technology.

Let’s say something, like a task or an activity gets simplified and more user-friendly via the apt use of technology, millions will be swarming in soon like enchanted flies over flames- Such is the reach technology has on our generation, the new millennials. But as technology took over us we limited ourselves into the edges of our smart phone screens, imprisoned inside the magic web.

Since we have this obsession, why don’t we put it to some good use? Why can’t we educate ourselves using technological aids?

Digital Language Labs were one of the first outcomes of the aforesaid revolutionary thought which is known in a different name these days- ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

The LSRW skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing- are enhanced with the proper use of digital language labs.

It is enabled with Live Classroom feature that emulates a normal class environment where teacher can conduct live classes by text/audio/video and perform online evaluation of student’s activity. The students can compare their pronunciation, stress’ in intonation, pitch in voice etc. with the model speaker/foreign language speaker’s way of uttering speech. Video-Streamer is a simple function helps the teachers in effortless and seamless streaming of video file to students to show or share live or recorded home-videos to the whole class or to a particular student or group.

Making use of technological aids, Language Labs let students have their share of participation.

Teaching and learning becomes a fun-filled experience with language labs. Students have a special enthusiasm when it comes to accessing computers and the internet, especially school students. Language labs make advantage of this oddity of technological affinity and boost the new teaching methods via the technology.


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