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Texting Language: A linguistic Decay or Asset


“girl- whr r u? I’ve bin txtin u 4 a yl!!

Boy- I ws stck at wrk. Cudn’ gt 2 d phn sins I ws held up at boss’ cabin. Babe, srry tht I md u wai8. I’ll mk it up smhw. Let’s go 4 dnnr 2nite?

Girl- fyn. I’ll let it slide dis tym. Let’s meet up.

Boy- gr8. Lukin fowad. Ill gt bck 2 u asap. Ttyl. Tc. Luv u

Girl- k. bye” 

For a person who has had his prime in the early 90’s it takes a good deal of time and energy to decipher the foresaid piece of text message, or should I say txt msg? It is the new millennial’s  forte to gather the bits and pieces of letters and make up a legible and intelligible meaning out of it and they seem to be really good at that, especially when observe their addiction towards instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Many abbreviations and acronyms mushroom all around the web space each day and enrich the texting vocabulary to a great degree.

Adults’s love for texting short cuts paves way for more and more nuances in language. These days of hectic work and pandemonium, where people don’t even have the time to spare for anything, let alone to spell the word “ pandemonium “ without the help of autocorrect, When people prefer texting over actual let-out-the-syllables-talking, what can be expected other than an easier, less time consuming way of communication? 

The criticism posed over texting language often deal with its unintelligibility and its nature that goes against the formal politesse. The main points critics note about texting language are:

  • The lack of Capitalizations
  • Running together of words
  • Abbreviation
  • Non-standard Spelling
  • Non-standard Language form
  • Only aids Youth Communication
  • Unnecessary stylizations
  • Shortenings
  • Contractions
  • Clippings


Shortenings are those words/names of the months and days which are shortened to form new ones. For e.g. Sunday- sun, February- feb etc.

In Contractions, the letters in the middle are often omitted in a word. For example, text- txt, homework- hmwrk.

Clippings are the words when either final ‘g’ or the final consonant is omitted. For example, going- goin’, have- hav.


However, further studies disprove this negative appraisal of text language nor of texters’ language skills. The non-standard forms used are often creative, serve an obvious communication function.


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