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The world is shrinking day by day, and globalization has touched almost every nooks and corners of the world. And with this rises a major task which is the importance of speaking English language. English language has been coined as a universal language since last decade but how far the non native speakers were able to cope up in the language with the native speakers is the question. Whatever disciplines a person may be in for, there is a high requirement of communicating in English with proficiency.


In many non English speaking countries it has been noticed that English is being taught in a very different manner. The problem with the traditional methods of learning a language is that the correct and accurate pronunciation and usage is missed out and students tend to learn language like any other subject. The only aim of the students is to score good grades in the English subject. They consider English just like another class of science or mathematics. This is the basic problem, the attitude of both the students and teachers have to change a lot on this regard. English must be taught in the method just like the way they were taught to speak and use their mother tongue. All the aspects of learning a language like: listen, speak, read and write method have to be taken care equally. They have to be taught in the right method right from their elementary classes. Methods of teaching English must be focused on to foster the language learning.


It is important to engage the students in more group interactions with which the students will be able to speak without any hesitations in the future. Listening and Speaking activities like playing audio or video files of native speakers will certainly help the students to compare themselves with the original voice. The classes could be oriented towards real life experiences. For example :the sentences and phrases to be used while a person enters a bank or such similar experiences could be explained which will in turn help the students to use them in their real life as well.The students must be encouraged to participate in the language learning sessions. Teachers can also show videos to motivate the students to speak openly. Altogether the ultimate aim should be oriented towards enhancing the communication skill of an individual.


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