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English RP AKA Queen’s English and its Effect on Indians


English Received Pronunciation is one of the accents of English speaking community, prominent in the Southern Region of England. It is known in so many other names like king’s English, Queen’s English, Standard English, British English etc. the status of English RP has reached a point these days that speaking RP English is considered as a plus point, especially in careers related to marketing and BPO.

When it comes to us Indians, 500 years of british invasion has enhanced English Language teachings in India. The writings of Sir William Jones translating Indian epic poetry like Abhijnana Shakunthalam paced the scopes of English Language in India. But the matter of concern is that Indians never accepted the British Accent  as it is. But instead they “chutnified” their ways of colloquialism with English. As a result numerous indigenous English accents were formed in India. To be honest these language amalgamations are not definitely music to one’s ears. To some extent, they are ludicrous and cringe-worthy. In order to eradicate such accents from Indian speakers we need particular measures that enhance the skills of speaking.

This is exactly why Orell has given birth to iTell Digital Language Labs. They are the apt methods to make Students get accustomed with British mannerism of speaking. The most iconic feature of iTell Digital Language Lab is that it lets students listen to the RP English foreign speakers and imitate their ways. We have proven that this way of teaching amply works in Indian students.

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