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English Language- its Evolution to become the world language


English Language as we know it, is the most grown and elaborated language that existed in the world. Like any other language of any part of the world, English too is subjected to dynamic changes. With the drastic changes over the centuries there are so many factors that became deciding factors.

  1. Invasions of the great Britain
  • First three tribes who invaded Britain are:

The Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes. The mix of their language is known as Anglo-Saxons, also known as Old English.


  • The Vikings of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  • French forces from Normandy led by William The Conqueror
  • Different languages from native English speakers and invaders were combined to form Middle English. Middle English sounds more similar to modern English than Old English sounding like Modern one.
  • Canterbury Tales, one of the greatest work was ever created was written in Middle English.
  • When catholic churches had tried to make Christianity the official religion of The Great Britain, it affected the language.
  • Language of the Catholic Church was Latin. Hence Latin influence made considerable improvement and enrichment in English Vocabulary.
  • Educated people from different countries could communicate using Latin.
  • Then it was William Caxton’s invention of printing press that paced the development of English.
  • Then came fifteen hundred’s!! The golden era for English Literature, the Queen Elizabeth’s reign.
  • William Shakespeare was the greatest writer ever stepped foot on the earth. All of his 35 plays were huge hits and later became textbook plays for Elizabethan theatre. His iconic characters like Lady Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, and Desdemona etc. still find their relevance in theatre.
  • Other than Shakespeare, a number of writers namely William Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, W.H Auden, W. B. Yeats, T.S Eliot, Francis Bacon,  Samuel Becket, etc.


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