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Soft skills are an important trait that has actually been a mandatory requirement for almost every individual in today's scenario. Soft skills such as grooming, etiquette, leadership attributes, effective communication, resume writing, interview handling etc. is conducted for developing a holistic personality of the student. If a student excels in soft skills then he/she will be able to communicate effectively in English, Comprehend, listen, and write English for business scenarios, Develop and Exhibit self-confidence and commitment for personal excellence.

Advanced information technologies such as virtual reality, visualization, digital modeling, digitization, simulation, games, virtual worlds and intelligent one-on-one tutoring systems dramatically enhanced teaching and learning of elusive concepts by translating abstractions into real-world contexts and providing customized instruction and individualized assessments.  To realize the full potential of this technology and to ensure its pervasiveness in all institutions of learning and training, we must undertake a long-term, large-scale effort to research, develop, test and disseminate tools for building advanced learning systems. It ultimately aims in learning, practicing and producing language skills with the help of an interactive software platform.

In theory, teaching methods should be tailored to soft skills by moving away from teacher-centered methods towards student-centered methods that promote team spirit and creative thinking. This is a complex and lengthy task and will require a change in teaching mentality.

The language learning software will equip the participants with critical skills to start and maintain a conversation. This program shall enable participants to speak confidently and correctly. It introduces them to different styles of communication and focuses on verbal communication. The program shall focus on the elimination of various speech issues like influence of mother tongue, grammatical and sentence structure errors, which may affect the speech delivery. Learners shall overcome the barriers to an effective communication and be able to hold short forceful conversations in a professional setting.

The software features ample opportunities for practicing conversation skills in the form of extempore sessions, activities, comparing their repeated voice and role plays to improve the participant’s learning experience. The students have the luxury to attend and complete the training and enrich their skills at their own choice. With the help of a Language learning software, one will be able to put acquired knowledge into practice and be more proficient in the language. Putting rules into practice is the essence of this platform. 

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