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Using Digital Technology for matching World Language Standards


Globalization has resulted in shrinking the world economy to one single environment which brings out the necessity of speaking English which is considered as the universal language, both efficiently and effectively. Matching the students language skills to meet a world language standard is considered to be the need of the hour today. This is mainly because of the fact that be it any field say for example, business or academics or any other profession , a good communication skill in English will always be a factor for judging a person today.
One of the most modern digital technology of learning a language is a full fledged Digital Language Lab. This fully digital technology adapts to many teaching and learning styles. This could me a multi modal learning platform with tools to develop interpersonal, writing, listening and speaking skills and thereby broadening a students complete language learning experience.

Speaking English language with meeting the global standards include speaking in good accent with minimal or no influence of mother tongue. One should be able to speak with good vocabulary and correct grammar with right intonations and tones and modulations.
Implementing a digital technology driven language lab in a classroom will provide a positive new tool for language learning and a great aid to language instructors who are mostly non-native speakers in case of non-English speaking countries. The digital language lab should include audio, video and text based materials so as to provide rich resources that the students can access while using it.

Thus the technology enabled language learning software platforms must include lessons that will engage the students in conversations. The students must be able to understand and interpret both written and verbal language on any topics. It is also important to keep in mind that these platforms must be made in such a way that it could be customized based on the requirements and the shortfalls of the users. The development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, or signing skills which are essential for students to  function in social as well as academic situations will all be taken care of with this modern technology. And thus, with the help of the language lab ultimately the students will be able to reinforce and further their knowledge in any other disciplines.

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