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The English Language Education is a very critical factor affecting today's global scenario. English is the language of international communication. From business to the arts and sciences, from education to technology, competency in English has become the central skill for professionals around the globe. A good base in English language education will provide the learners with opportunities for personal and intellectual development, and extend their knowledge and experience of other cultures through the English medium and help them overcome the challenges of the rapidly changing and keenly competitive knowledge-based society of the world.

The important aspect to be covered here is that materials and activities included in this kind of platform should be able to make students competent enough and match with the world language standards. The world language standards or the five C's when it comes English Language education are Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities.

Communication is at the heart of language be it face-to-face or in writing. One cannot master any language until they have also mastered the cultural contexts in which the language occurs. Learning languages provides connections to additional bodies of knowledge that may be unavailable to the monolingual English speaker. Through comparisons and contrasts with the language being studied, students develop insight into nature of language and the concept of culture and realize that there are multiple ways of viewing the world . Together, these factors will enable the students to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world in a variety of contexts in culturally appropriate ways.

To improve all this, a language rich environment must be encouraged among the learners right from the very elementary classes. A strong foundation with a good curriculum is certainly an essential factor that will affect the language education. The ultimate result of using the 5 c's effectively is that the learners will be able to use the English language without any fear and be competent enough to match the world standards.

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