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OrellTalk Digital Language Lab obtained by Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technologies, Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh

Published on 11-19-2020

Well well, look what we have this week! Another purchase order for OrellTalk from Andhra Pradesh. We had been receiving plenty of queries regarding the installation of our Next Gen Digital Language Lab but it’s Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technologies, Srikakulam that has chosen the Software to be implemented at their system

It is in 2008 the AP Government created RGUKT by an act of the Legislature as a full-fledged university which would initially admit roughly the top 1% of the rural students into the three residential campuses. GUKT, as a green field university, represents a unique experiment in the educational arena. The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) enabled campus permits the scaling of the learning environments by one to two orders of magnitude is currently possible.

Oréll has  over 5,000 customers in the education sector in more than 50 Countries worldwide and helps around 10 Million+ learners and instructors to learn and teach languages easily, efficiently and effortlessly.

OréllTalk is the world’s most preferred cloud-based language lab software with integrated e-Learning system and live virtual class which is designed to assist learners of all fields.  OréllTalk Language Lab has proven to enrich a student's language learning experiences.

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