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Successful Installation of iTell at Auxilium Girls’ School, Tripura

Published on 06-09-2017

Auxilium Girls’ School, Tripura has opened digital language laboratory for students to develop their language and communication skills.

Premium edition (P2) of iTell, the cutting-edge language lab software was installed by Mr. Abhinav Kunal, TSE at Orell.

With iTell, teachers can intervene and control the learners’ consoles via the teacher’s console, track their work and monitor progress in learning. With this language learning software, all students in the class can speak simultaneously without distracting each other regardless of the class size. By using language lab, each student in the class gets enough time for speaking practice. Actual speaking time per student can be considerably higher depending on what type of exercises teacher conducts. The main characteristic of task-based activities integrated in language lab is that it involves students in a way that intrinsically motivates, lowers their embarrassment, and creates a desire to excel. Making use of the unique features of a language lab creates a learning environment that cannot be recreated in the regular classroom.

Auxilium Girls’ School – a Catholic minority educational institution situated in the Agartala town is the first girls’ English Medium School in the State of Tripura. The School was established in 2003 and is catering to girls irrespective of caste and creed. The School is recognized by the Govt. of Tripura. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi in 2009, the school up-graded to Senior Secondary in 2013 and modernized the school infrastructure opening new windows of opportunities and challenges in all fields of education for all Auxilians.

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