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iTell Language Lab Installed at Darjeeling Public School, West Bengal

Published on 09-21-2017

Giving due regard to the importance of language and communicative expertise of students, the authority of Darjeeling Public School, West Bengal has installed Oréll Digital Language Lab at their campus. 

iTell- S2, the standard edition Oréll language lab was preferred by the college faculty to enhance the communicative skill of students, especially their verbal proficiency. Considering the demand of the institution, one plus twenty consoles of the software were configured at the lab.

Using iTell language learning software, not only the students can improve their linguistic skills, but the teachers also need not worry about the communication sessions and grading procedure as the software provides instant feedback on how a student is progressing. The user-friendly interface of the software allows both teacher and students to get engaged in the learning process in a participatory atmosphere.

Darjeeling Public school, established in 2004, is managed by the progressive Educational society and headed by a team of experts, experienced and ambitious individuals, imparting a balance education aimed at a harmonious development of the students’, physical mental and moral abilities. This value based senior secondary school CBSE School believes in all round education where traditional values blend with formal and modern education. The abiding aim of Darjeeling Public School is to educate, empower and motivate students to grow into confident, conscientious and compassionate human beings.

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