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College of Pharmaceutical Science, Puri, Odisha implements iTell Digital Language Lab

Published on 11-05-2018

The exceptional software of iTell Digital Language Lab, developed by Orell  group of companies has been developing communication skill. Unlike other Language Labs iTell language Lab functions in an auditory oriented manner. I Tell lets students have all the attention one can gather. The teacher has the facility to observe students both individually and classwise.  Likely students get to make the best out of the teachers,

College of Pharmaceutical Science, was established with a view to create quality education and training to facilitate research abd development in health sciences with competence and quality suited to global environment.

To achieve its vision of developing the youth to become highly competent and versatile professional in the contest of leading industry by quality consideration and intense competent.

We are committed to creating a community which is vibrant and which provides a lifelong experience and develop professional skill. It was the s2 version that was installed at this institution.


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