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Ghatsila College, West Bengal Installs iTell

Published on 01-12-2019

iTell Digital Language Lab has been the forerunner of Language Learning technologies ever since its accession in educational sector. The Software acts as a virtual teacher to students, thereby drastically lessening the workload of the faculty. The software encourages interactive sessions of language lessons with teachers enabled to monitor the students and their performance. Students are more enthused to make complete use of the console, than they are in a traditional classroom. With teachers and students having basic practical knowledge of information technology and how a computer works, the usage of iTell Digital Language Lab can work wonders in the collective language skills of a group.

Ghatsila College is affiliated to Kolhan University with a view to over-all personality of the students and providing them best infrastructure with all necessary facilities so that they enable to develop the nation in an efficient manner so as to meet the demands of the society

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