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Government Girls Polytechnic Lucknow deals for iTell

Published on 04-18-2019

This ultimate language learning software of Orell, accompanies with Government Girls polytechnic to initiate a complimentary set of study materials worth of around 5000 hours. Apart from that, each modules are being provided with a headset with mike and the teacher console is provided with a webcam as well. This will certainly enhance the overall studying environment in the language lab classrooms. This language learning software includes a set of extensive course materials which strives to improve the soft skills and overall communication skills of the students using them.

The institute provides with a holistic environment for their girls , visions to empower them combining with emerging global trends. Kalpatavera Vidya which bears the theme of logo of institute conveys a rhetorical concept of achieving an everlasting knowledge and wisdom. The institute which is affiliated to Veer Kunwar Singh University offers mainly five courses in the streams of art, science and commerce. Government Girls Polytechnic bestows a stupendous opportunity to their girls by executing iTell inside.


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