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Language Lab - Articles

English Language- its Evolution to become the world language

English Language as we know it, is the most grown and elaborated language that existed in the world. Like any other language of any part of the world, English too is subjected to dynamic changes.... Read more >

English RP AKA Queen’s English and its Effect on Indians

English Received Pronunciation is one of the accents of English speaking community, prominent in the Southern Region of England. It is known in so many other names like king’s English, Queen’s English, Standard English, British... Read more >

Indian English Vs British English

“…Coming back to Miss Pushpa she is most popular lady  with men also and ladies also.  Whenever I asked her to do anything, she was saying, 'Just now only I will do it.' That is showing good spirit. I am always  appreciating... Read more >

British English v/s American English

You might get puzzled if you want to write 'color' or 'colour' since both are found to be right. As per the audience's rule what works best for audience works for the clients.  Recently we... Read more >

Texting Language: A linguistic Decay or Asset

“girl- whr r u? I’ve bin txtin u 4 a yl!! Boy- I ws stck at wrk. Cudn’ gt 2 d phn sins I ws held up at boss’ cabin. Babe, srry tht I md u... Read more >

How Digital Language Labs Enhance Students Participation?

Well, let’s admit one most important thing to begin with- yes. We, as the new generation have this affinity, no, not affinity… more of an uncontrollable obsession towards technology. Let’s say something, like a task or... Read more >

Digital learning

Most children who have grown up with PCs and gaming comforts and progressively "savvy" phones are exceedingly acquainted with the thought of utilizing them for 'computerized learning'. A few instructors are utilizing on their interest... Read more >

The magnitude of Language Lab in Communication

Great relational abilities are imperative for the victory of any professional. In the event that one needs to contact individuals, he or she needs to talk their language. The English language, specifically, has get to... Read more >

Language Lab Teacher and Me

Language lab tool additionally gives instructors more opportunity to instruct.   For instance, advanced placement language courses oblige students to experience an oral exam that may take 15 minutes of direct talking to the instructor. Previously, instructors... Read more >

Tools spotlight talking, recording

At the point when students of English instructors put on their headsets in Orell digital language lab, their focus uplifts.   The breakthrough computerized gear, says the educator, keeps them drew in with teen cordial gadgets, permits... Read more >

Digital Language Lab - A Breakthrough English Language Learning Strategy

English Language Learning has been the need of the hour in today's most modern and technologically advanced world. Language Learning Strategies are being used world wide right from ancient times to improve the overall language... Read more >

LSRW - Method and Communication in English

Success and communication are very closely related with each other. In today's competitive world, good LSRW skills provide the right key to success. These skills are required to maintain relationships and better understanding which are... Read more >

Global trends in language learning

The world is changing at a fast pace. How we learn is evolving. How we show and evaluate learning is evolving. Old, tyrant models are offering a way to deal with gentler, more synergistic models.... Read more >

Benefits Of English Language Lab Software

Communicating through great English is fundamental for individuals who need to work together comprehensively or need to succeed in the present focused industry. During data innovation, where the world is energetically changing into a powerful... Read more >

Language Lab - The concept of easy using

Language lab is the extensive advanced digital language lab, which can be utilized for listening, talking, perusing and composing preparing and also feature presentation. Helped by such device, the educator can convey the language learning... Read more >

Importance of English Education in Schools

Language is nothing but a systematic means of communication by the use of words, symbols and sounds. In today's’ interconnected and globalized world, learning English language has been a very important factor. It is one... Read more >

English Language Learning - Benefits

English is the most generally used language in the world. it's spoken by around four hundred million individuals. beside its proud status as the high tongue, it's extensively used as a second language across the... Read more >

English Language Learning and Technology

Language labs are the success of every professional. If one wants to communicate, he or she has to speak their language. The English language has become essential for young people who looks for a good... Read more >

Redefining the Innovating Learning Techniques

Today in the competitive market, everything runs on perfectionism and efficiency along with accessibility and adaptability. The skill for handling English language is very much demanding in the corporate world and so need for installing... Read more >

Developing Linguistic Competence Through Use of Digital Language Lab

Linguistic Competence is defined as the knowledge possessed by native speakers of a particular language. This concept was coined by Noam Chomsky and he said that linguistic competence refers to a person who knows a... Read more >

Educational System and the Need of Language Laboratories

Today's educational system is increasingly diverse. Art has long been seen as a visual language. The language lab plays a key role to learn the foreign language in a happy atmosphere and in a successful... Read more >

Capabilities of Digital Language Labs

Traditional language labs use analogue audio cassette and or video as the main tool for student learning. Digital language labs use computers to produce delivery of a large vary by material in digital format to... Read more >

Blending Science With Language Learning

It is definitely embarrassing to know that in the early days, students with low English language ability were treated at lower grades. The justification for this kind of separation is the widespread belief that these... Read more >

The Prominence of Language Laboratory in Learning English

Language Lab holds an unlimited scope of profits, chiefly the compulsiveness in educating and additionally learning. The sound source serves to get perfectly clear direction from the educator specifically into the reach of the student.... Read more >

Language Laboratory Futuristic Aid in Learning English Effectively

The best way of learning language can be encouraged by appropriate tools and wider opportunities. There are different objectives for teaching language, which are decided by certain factors including the demands of the educational system,... Read more >

Understanding the Prominence of English Language Laboratory

Being competitive is the most expensive domain in a stringent professional routine. And here comes the regular, yet indispensable need for handling English Language with a perfect ease. The blend of technological advancement in the... Read more >

English language learning through technology

Technology can be used to change learning instruction in different ways. Computers can support at places where faculty time and attention are poor. They can ease the processes of creating ideas and arranging the text.... Read more >

Fluency practice in an Engineering Classroom

The definition of Fillmore is taken as the yardstick in this paper because it contains the relevant factors of fluency, like uninterrupted delivery of speech, coherence, appropriateness and creativity. According to Christopher Brumfit, it is... Read more >

Fast and Effective way to Learning English language

Technology opens a new door to educate. Learning English isn't an exemption. The web has crashed the barrier of distance, creating English courses promptly offered to people who want it. There is little doubt that... Read more >


Who are non-native speakers? Nonnative speakers are those who are not coming from English speaking backgrounds, who are not that proficient in Language. They are people who would mostly have inhibitions and hesitations when it... Read more >

Learn English Using Software

If you think that you or your business may gain advantage from learning the English language, think about trying into the software package. The software packages supply a straightforward, easy way to learn, one in... Read more >

Language Laboratory for Career, Education and Self Improvement

A newborn baby learns his/her natural language by listening, natural language isn't schooled to an infant. It learns automatically by listening. It utterly depends upon the language used by the child close the kid, whether... Read more >

English Language Learning, Key To future

The advent of conversion of education has revolutionized the method we expect of learning a language. Within the world of global networking and technology, English has emerged because the connecting link between people placed at... Read more >

Language Lab Software: The Modern Way To Learn

Learning a new language are often a fun and exciting journey if the tools used are right. Learning a brand new language needs steerage, constantly observe and testing. people that learn a new language at... Read more >

Study English Language Through Online Language Learning Courses

Online language learning courses haven't been as well-liked because it is nowadays within the trendy globalized business surroundings. With a requirement to be told foreign language for effective business communication, additional and additional individuals are... Read more >

USING THE RIGHT KIND OF INTONATIONS - The essence of speaking English fluently

Correct intonation and stress are the essence of speaking English fluently. Both Intonation and stress are like music of the English language. Words when stressed accurately intends to give the correct meaning to the sentences.... Read more >

One-Click Multimedia Teaching

One of the most important uses of technology is that it makes it easy for instructors to incorporate multimedia into their teaching. While we use all of our senses to take in information, we each... Read more >

Technology enabled pronunciation instruction

Pronunciation is an integral part of communication. Poor pronunciation can fail to create a long lasting impression in the minds of the listeners. It can even result to comprehending the incorrectly which can distort the... Read more >

The best way to teach English language

English Language Learning is a product of transmission, wherein the teachers transmits the knowledge and learners are recipients. In most of the schools, colleges or language learning institutes what happens is that - a teacher-centered... Read more >


English is well-known as a worldwide or global dialect. It is utilized and taught in most of the nations as far and wide as possible .Showing English in Junior High School level focuses on the... Read more >


A group discussion refers to a set of persons brought together to express their opinion and to the subsequent exchange of views on the allocated subject. Group discussions are mainly carried as part of the... Read more >

Speak English with Genuine Accent

Speaking English with good accent is like the need of the hour in today's scenario. Accent is nothing but pronouncing words in a systematic and standard manner. The most widely accepted two types of accents... Read more >

Secrets of Communicating in Good English

It is been said that English is one of the toughest language to learn but with the right training and practice, English could be learnt with ease. The general mistake that most of the people... Read more >


The English Language Education is a very critical factor affecting today's global scenario. English is the language of international communication. From business to the arts and sciences, from education to technology, competency in English has... Read more >

Using Digital Technology for matching World Language Standards

Globalization has resulted in shrinking the world economy to one single environment which brings out the necessity of speaking English which is considered as the universal language, both efficiently and effectively. Matching the students language... Read more >

A Digital Language Lab for Meeting Communicative desires of these days

The modern world is transcending geographical boundaries that language labs are extremely even in a setup, where communication is the means that for larger ends. From offices to academic establishments, English is needed and may... Read more >


Soft skills are an important trait that has actually been a mandatory requirement for almost every individual in today's scenario. Soft skills such as grooming, etiquette, leadership attributes, effective communication, resume writing, interview handling etc.... Read more >


The world is shrinking day by day, and globalization has touched almost every nooks and corners of the world. And with this rises a major task which is the importance of speaking English language. English... Read more >


Language academics across the world regard themselves as educators as much as specialists in the teaching of verbal skills. The shifting stress in teaching within the last decades of the study of language as a... Read more >

Is Language Learning Software the Best Way to Learn the English Language?

When you plan to learn a new language, it is pretty obvious that you are going to want the most effective resources available to help you achieve that goal. There are many different avenues that... Read more >