Oréll Talk Features

Oréll Talk Features

Following are some of the prominent features of Oréll Talk:

  • Intercom:
    This feature enables a two way communication for the teacher to communicate with a student.
  • Communicator:
    Here the teacher can communicate to selected students, a group or to a whole class.
  • Live Classroom:
    This function emulates a normal class environment where teacher can conduct live classes and perform online evaluation of student’s activity.
  • Conferencing- Selective & General:
    It is a function to pair and / or group students for debates and / or for group discussions and observe them selectively or all- together.
  • Pairing & Sharing:
    Teacher can create students pair and assign them pairing task by using this control button. It also lets the students to share and use their resource during the course of pairing task.
  • Supervisor:
    This is one of the most interesting tool which is used by teacher for real time monitoring of students activity.
  • Model Student:
    The model student features is a supportive tool which can used by other students to learn and progress.
  • Screen Viewer:
    This is an innovative tool for live, screen capturing of a student screen. This is another monitoring tool to restrain the student’s activity which can be done from the teacher’s desk.
  • Teacher Desktop Sharing:
    This is a real time screen sharing function for the teacher to show the content of their computer by sharing the screen with one, a group or to all the students over the network.
  • View Master:
    The teachers have this greater advantage of viewing the students according to their ease of work.
  • eBoard:
    This is another exciting feature for the Teacher which emulates a normal classroom whiteboard, where teacher can type or draw on the board and send that to single, and a group or to all students.
  • Billboard:
    This notice board features helps the teacher to write a matter or piece of information on the notice leave it for students to view online or later.
  • Controller:
    This facility lets the teacher to control the student’s computer from their own desk.
  • eAssignments:
    The students can save and send as assignment to the teacher, where the teachers can correct and send it back to students.
  • Voice Comparison Tool:
    It is one of the most advanced and sophisticated tool imbibed in the new software which lets the students to compare the voice and view graphical representation of the comparison.
  • X-Play:
    The teacher or student can plug or insert any external device (USB,CD/DVD) and play or use the files.
  • eWriter:
    This control functions enables teachers to send written assignments or exercises to the student console.
  • eReader:
    By using this control a teacher can send or assign students with reading lessons or exercise where students can read/ refer and answer the questions related to those lessons.
  • Things-to-do:
    Teacher can enlist the activities or exercises that the students have to follow or complete by using this function.
  • Alert:
    A call for help tool for the students to bring the attention of teacher.
  • Netflick:
    This is one unique function for streaming online internet movies and showing it to students.
  • Video-Streamer:
    By using this function can show or share live or recorded home-videos to the whole class or to a particular students or group.
  • Lesson Studio:
    A teacher can create their own study material by using this highly integrated tool.
  • Homework:
    The teachers can set the assignments to be done as home works for students by using this control button.
  • Reports:
    One of the key factor that highlights students performance are reports. Our customize reports ensures that teacher obtains real track of student’s performance while attending a language lab class.

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