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Xavier School, Gamharia, Jharkhand purchases OrellTalk Digital Language Lab in the campus

Published on 03-02-2021

We are happy to announce that Orell Software Solution’s OréllTalk Digital Language Lab Smart version has been sold to Xavier School, Gamharia aiming to meet the Language Learning requirements at this honoured institution. 
Xavier School, Gamharia is a unit of XITE (Xavier Institute for Tribal Education), a Society registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860. The school is managed by the governing Board of XITE. However, the day to day management of the school affairs is vested in the school administration. As a Jesuit institution Xavier School Gamharia upholds the vision, mission, values and objectives of the Jesuit Society which is to churn out men and women for others imbued with social, ethical and spiritual values. It strives for excellence and integrity in every aspect. 
OréllTalk Smart, the version installed at Xavier School, Gamharia, Jharkhand is a complete solution for Language Learning. This latest version of Language Lab brings out the best in students by enabling them the control over thousands of video and audio lessons. Oréll Talk Smart for 1 teacher plus 45 Students. 


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